[EN] Let’s Write – fixes and new libraries

I found 2 libraries which will be very helpful in the project. Besides that, I constantly developing the application.

In this week I haven’t too much time so I didn’t publish a post on Wednesday.  However, I found some time for the project.

New libraries

The big advantage of React is that whatever I need to add is available as a library. This time I found two libraries which can be useful, I think.

  • React Rich Text Editor – https://github.com/sstur/react-rte. Library to editing text. It allows in a simple way add editor in which you can add header or bold. In 2016 Facebook introduced library draft.js which allows creating text editors. Rich Text Editor is library based on this Facebook’s library which hasn’t  version 1.0 yet.
  • React Sortable – https://github.com/clauderic/react-sortable-hoc. Something that will probably allow me, in a simple way, add managing order of chapters and paragraphs by drag&drop. The library is independent of concrete elements so I shouldn’t have any problem with connecting it with Bootstrap.

Changes and fixes

I managed to fix the footer. Now it is displaying on the bottom of the screen even if the content isn’t long.

First of all, it turned out that I had two elements with the same class so styles which I wrote working for both. Second, missed setting the height for the main container. There is still a problem with mobile views where the footer is too low.

Additionally, we can see my idea on the dashboard. From there you will go to yours texts, texts which you added as a favorite or see latest comments for your stories (if I’ll add comments in the application).

I started adding views for new stories but yesterday I decided that I should take care of something else. So that later I don’t have too many gaps I decided that I would start adding as much code which handling events as possible. When I’ll start adding sending to the server I’ll have all frontend part done. So I’m taking care of processing forms, eg. login or registration. I should also give something to do to Redux.


React I like more and more (I great the haters of javascript ;) ). When I understood how it works I use it very pleasantly.

I wonder if I should start writing shorter posts but more often – please let me know in the comments what do you think. All the time I’m waiting on any criticism because I don’t believe I’m doing everything right :D


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